Cleansing Space

Negative energy seeps into our space constantly so it’s important to keep a positive flow throughout your environment with Sage, Frankincense, Copal, and of course, healing crystals! When you make energy cleansing a part of your daily wellness routine, the extra effort will be worth it. It leaves you feeling more clear, more balanced and able to make better decisions. When your home is purified, it restores balance and harmony to your life, which is essential for giving you and your family a happy and healthy place for deep healing and rejuvenating the spirit. When you make energy cleansing a part of your everyday routine, it’s the perfect remedy for easing the stress and anxiety that comes from the demands of modern living.
A sage smudging ritual also gives you the chance to cleanse your crystal collection. While letting the smoke envelop the crystals, take this moment to reinforce and program them for your intention. Remember, the clearer your purpose for each gemstone, the stronger and more effective their healing powers. For instance, ask Rose Quartz to bring unconditional love into your life, Citrine to boost happiness and success, Peacock Ore to enhance pure joy, or any of your favorite gemstones that resonate with your spirit.
Crystals are big-time energy amplifiers, so it’s important to cleanse your crystals and cleanse them often! Healing crystals are constantly transmuting and absorbing negativity, so keep them cleansed and activated by smudging them with sage regularly. If you’re overcoming an illness, it’s a good idea to cleanse them on a daily basis, especially for crystals used for their healing and energizing effects.