Feng Shui

Feng shui means “wind water” in Chinese, and is the art of channelling natural energy called “qi” to benefit our health, energy, and wealth. According to feng shui, the proper arrangement of objects in our living spaces will deflect bad qi, and beckon the good qi to flow in our lives. Setting aside the more superstitious elements of feng shui, most of the basic principles of the practice make a lot of practical sense. For instance, feng shui takes advantage of natural elements in our world like sunlight or greenery so we can be more in tune with our body’s natural inclinations. Scientists have found that colour strongly affects our psychology and physiology, something feng shui was on to a long time ago. Feng shui is an ancient art with many superstitious elements, but many of its applications have striking relevance today as they are grounded in the age-old human interaction with nature.