Tarot Card

Tarot is used according to two radically different and often exclusive points of view: the divinatory or futurological and the therapeutical.While the divinatory Tarot deems to foretell the future, Therapeutical Tarot presumes human transformation. To this purpose, it works towards revealing and explaining psycho-emotional blocks, fears, and behaviour patterns, which impede the individual’s full realization, and by offering precise guidance in resolving these factors. Tarot card reading is a tool of divination to help us get answers to the many questions life brings up. It can help reveal the innermost thoughts or feelings a person might be going through at that time and can help a person in making changes or decisions related to his career, health and relationships. Tarot Reading therapy is a remarkably accurate way to gain insight into your past, present, and future situations. The cards selected can guide the person and tell him how his/her decisions might result in a positive or a negative situation etc. It is used to guide person with decisions and solutions and for the resolving of the problems energetically. The reading detects and diagnosis and helps our clients to view reality with clarity and remedial measures are taken for our client’s inner peace and harmony.